Glass Processing Workshop

    In each process before and after the preform fabrication, use of the workshop for the glass works are required. Before starting the preform production, some preparations on the substrate tube, inlet tube (path of precursors to the substrate tube) and exlet tube (way of by-products to the scrubber) of the MCVD system are conducted. After production of the preform with an initial core/clad ratio, the glass-works such as cutting, tapering and polishing the tubes to be used as final cladding are done before/after stretching or jacketting processes.

    After the final preform production in MCVD system, these glass products are processed and modified geometrically to have a desired core/clad ratio in our glass workshop according to the requirements of the target fiber.

    Design and production of items including the PTFE baths, Al cooling sinks and plates are conducted in our workshop in accordance to the needs of the research projects.

    Works on electrical and electronics components are also done in our workshop. Electronic card reparing including soldering and measurements are some of the works done here.