Fiber Characterization Laboratory

    1.Fiber Attenuation Measurement

    In this laboratory, attenuation and loss measurement of the fibers are performed. The attenuation measurement is done by Cutback Method. We use a x-y-z optical cage construction to coupling the light into the fiber. We use suitable wavelength diode lasers and optical equipment in the optical cage construction.

    Fig. 1: Cage construction 

    We measure the power output of the fiber with Thorlabs PM-100 S145-C power meter.

    Fig. 2: Cutback method

    Equation 1: Attenuation of the fiber under test  (dB/km)

    2.Fiber Numerical Aperture Measurement

    The Numerical Aperture (NA) of a fiber is a number that defines its light gathering capability.

    Fig. 3: Numerical Aperture

    We measure the Divergence Angle of the light from the fiber by Thorlabs BP 109-IR Beam Profiler.

    Fig. 4: Numerical Aperture Measurement

    Fig. 5: Thorlabs Beam Profiler