PhD Students

    1. Canan Kurşungöz

    Thesis title: “Biological applications of
    nanoparticles produced by laser ablation method” completed on February

    2. Pelin Tören

    Thesis title: “Ultra high quality factor
    microtoroidal optical resonators in label – free biosensing
    applications with high sensitivity and selectivity” completed on
    November 2016

    MSc Students

    1. Uğur Teğin

    Thesis title: “Spatiotemporal nonlinear dynamics in
    graded-index multimode fibers” completed on May 2018

    2. Oyewole Benjamin Efunbajo

    Thesis title: “Development and
    investigation of ytterbıum doped fiber laser operating at 1018 nm”
    completed on July 2017

    4. Abba Usman Saleh

    Thesis title: “Development of multicore and
    tapered chalcogenide fibers for supercontinuum generation” completed
    on December 2016

    5. Elif Uzcengiz

    Thesis title: ““Development of fiber optic
    probes and a dual wavelength laser system for medical applications”
    completed on January 2016

    6. Bartu Şimşek

    Thesis title: “CO2 laser glass processing for
    high power fiber laser applications” completed on January 2016

    7. Elif Gül Özkan

    Thesis title: “Development of high power CW
    Yb-doped fiber laser system” completed on January 2015

    8. Salamat Burzhuev

    Thesis title: “Laser synthesized gold
    nanoparticles for high sensitive strain gauges” completed on December

    9. Hüseyin Avni Vural

    Thesis title: “Synthetization of noble
    metal nanoparticles by pulsed laser ablation method in liquids and
    thin film applications” completed on September 2012


    1. Ekin Teslime Balk

    Current Position:

    2. Ahmet Başaran

    Current Position: Engineer at TÜBİTAK İLTAREN

    3. A.Kağan Kolsuz

    Current Position: Engineer at TÜBİTAK İLTAREN

    4. Ahmet Sönmez

    Current Position: Engineer at ASELSAN

    5. Önder Sönmez

    Current Position: TOBB University

    6. Dr. Tolga Bağcı

    Current Position: Engineer at METEKSAN

    7. Orhun Kaya

    Current Position: Engineer at METEKSAN

    8. Büşra Öz

    Current Position: Engineer at ASELSAN

    9. Fehmiye Keleş Yıldız

    Current Position: Engineer at ROKETSAN